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CM028 assault rifle replica


CM028 assault rifle replica

The CM028 is an entry level AEG replica of the possibly most famous Russian assault rifle. It“s whole receiver has been made out of high quality, durable plastic, with well-made imitations of wooden elements – the stock, grip and pistol grip. The replica“s quality not only is not lower than the quality of other manufacturer“s products, but presents a higher quality than most other similiar products available on the market.

The replica“s reenforced steel torques are what makes this replica really stand out among its likes and the mushroom-shaped piston head improves the pneumatic system“s work. A non-orthodox hop-up chamber allows for the replica to obtain a high muzzle velocity even straight out of the box.

The set includes:

– the replica
– a magazine
– a battery
– a battery charger

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Svoris 2700 kg


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